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Picture Windows

Renewal by Andersen’s picture windows are the epitome of simplicity meeting grandeur. Designed to provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors, these windows serve as a living portrait, framing nature’s beauty and allowing it to become an integral part of your home’s interior design.

Picture windows are characterized by their large, fixed-pane design. Without any sashes, grids, or moving parts, they offer a clear, uninterrupted view, making the world outside a focal point. The expansive glass area is bordered by a slim and sturdy frame, ensuring maximum visibility while maintaining structural integrity.

While picture windows don’t open and therefore don’t offer ventilation, their primary function is to flood interior spaces with natural light and provide expansive views of the outdoors. This makes them perfect for rooms where maximizing daylight and views are more crucial than airflow. Given their ability to capture panoramic vistas, picture windows are ideal for spaces overlooking gardens, scenic landscapes, or city skylines. They’re often placed in living rooms, dining areas, or stairwells, where they can become a statement piece and elevate the room’s ambiance.

While the essence of a picture window lies in its simplicity, Renewal by Andersen offers a range of customization options to ensure it complements your home’s architecture and design. Choose from various frame colors, grille patterns, and glass types to achieve the desired aesthetic and performance. Whether you’re aiming for a minimalist modern look or a more traditional style, these windows can be tailored to your preferences.

Color Options

Some color combinations not available. Please contact us for more information.

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Our featured video takes through each aspect of this great window option that provides a great view and ventilation.

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We would not hesitate recommending Renewal by Andersen to our family, friends, and neighbors! We had 13 windows installed. Thank you!

Don K.

Loved everyone that came out and helped with this installation. I know these windows will expand the life of our home and help with the cost of heating and cooling.

Andrea T.

If it's quality you're looking for - look no further. In this day it is challenging to find quality and professionalism. These guys got it right.

Julie B.
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Ready to schedule your free in-home replacement window consultation?
Don’t hesitate to give us a call today and ask about our special offers!
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